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Our team of professionals collaborate with schools, families, and the community to deliver quality health, mental health, and human services. Through the promotion of physical, mental, and social growth, School Nurses work to maximize the achievement and well-being of students. As the primary health care provider within the educational environment, the School Nurse shares in the responsibility of directing growth towards the achievement of each student's maximum potential, both as a student and as a member of the community.

Definition of School Nurse, California Ed Code Section 49426

A school nurse is a registered nurse currently licensed under Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 2700) of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code, and who has completed the additional educational requirements for, and possesses a current credential in school nursing pursuant to Section 44877.

District Nurse Linda Lenoir, R.N., MSN 650-329-3766 health@pausd.org

Health Requirements for Entering Students

The State of California and Santa Clara County require all students to fulfill a number of health requirements before they can enter school. Please see the Health Requirements page for more information.

Forms and Protocols for Health Conditions
If your child has a chronic health condition, asthma, seizures, or severe allergies (anaphylactic reaction), the health office at each school can help keep your child safe and healthy by completing the appropriate forms and returning the forms to your school office before school starts. This will help us prepare to care for your child. Please make sure that you ALWAYS keep your emergency card up to date.

If your child has Diabetes please contact Linda Lenoir, District Nurse, at 650-329-3766 to setup your child's Diabetes protocol.

The medical treatment of students is the responsibility of parents and physicians. Medications are rarely given in school. We strongly urge you and your physician to develop a medication schedule that falls outside of school hours. However, we will consider assisting the administering of medication in special or serious cases.

The administration of medication is both a medical and legal process. Before medication can be administered, a student's parent/guardian and physician must provide written documentation of their permission and directions:

  1. Physicians must write a note detailing the method, amount, and time schedule for administering medication
  2. Parents/guardians must submit a note indicating their desire for PAUSD to assist their child, as directed in the physician's statement
  3. Your child's school will keep an accurate written record documenting that the medication was administered in the prescribed amount at the prescribed time.

For additional information, please download our parent letter, School Medication Administration PDF

You will need to complete and return some or all of the following forms to your school office:

Medication Administration - At School and On Field Trips

Stock Epinephrine

Health Information and Resources

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Emergency Information


State-mandated Screenings
The District Nurse and other professionals conduct screenings at school sites.

  • Vision (grades K, 2, 5, 8, Young Fives, and Special Education initial and triennial evaluations)
  • Hearing (grades K, 2, 5, 8, and Special Education initial and triennial evaluations)
  • Scoliosis (girls are screened in grade 7; boys in grade 8)


Lice Policy
Lice are common age-old pests that are easily transferred from person to person. All age groups and localities are susceptible. If you discover a lice problem, please call your school office to help us keep the problem under control. Parents are encouraged to check their child’s head for lice at home on a regular basis throughout the school year.

For help with treating head lice, please view the videos from HeadLice.Org - Video Theatre, and the California Department of Public Health brochure, A Parent’s Guide to Head Lice, also available at your school office.

Health Insurance
Health insurance for the current school year can be purchased through the District for a nominal fee. The purchase is optional. Information regarding health insurance will be sent out during the summer months. If you are interested in purchasing student accident and sickness insurance, please contact your school office.

Victoria Geen-Lew, Insurance, Risk and Safety 650-329-3735 vgeenlew@pausd.org

Questions about Bioterrorism
The Public Health Department of the County of Santa Clara posts answers to commonly asked questions about bioterrorism (anthrax exposure, smallpox vaccine, antibiotics, county, gas mask protection, county emergency plan in case of bioterrorism event). Visit the Public Health Department Web site or call the PH Information Line at (408) 885-3980.

Health and Wellness Program

If you have any questions, please contact District Nurse Linda Lenoir, R.N. MSN  at (650) 329-3766 or health@pausd.org.

Revised July 2013