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High School Graduation Requirements
  • Students are required to earn a minimum of 215 credits for graduation; 220 credits will be required beginning with the Class of 2016.
  • Students are also required to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).
Subject Requirements
English 40
Mathematics 20 Including Algebra I, or its equivalent
  30 Beginning with the Class of 2016, students must complete 30 credits, inclusive of Algebra and Geometry .
    Beginning with the Class of 2018, student must also complete Algebra II.
Science 20 10 credits in Biology; 10 credits in Physical Science
    Beginning with the Class of 2016, inclusive of Biology/Life Science and a Physical Science that meets the UC(d) requirement
Social Studies 40 Including 10 credits of World History, 10 credits of U.S. History, 5 credits of government, 5 credits of Contemporary World History, 5 credits of Economics, and 5 credits of Social Studies elective
World Language 20 Begining with the Class of 2016, 20 credits or completion of level 2, in a single language other than English, or demonstrated equivalent competency in alignment with UC/CSU proficiency requirements
Physical Education 20  
Living Skills 5  
Visual and Performing Arts 10 Credits in a single subject course.
Career Technical Education 10  
Off-campus Courses
Students wishing to take courses at community college or other schools must obtain prior approval from the appropriate administrator in order to meet high school graduation requirements. Forms are available with the Registrar in the Guidance Department. A copy of this form with the proper signatures must be left with the Registrar, to be stored in the student's cum folder.

Note: District policy states that only under exceptional circumstances and with prior approval can credit be earned off-campus to fulfill high school subject requirements.

Revised July 2013