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PAUSD helps students develop the following technology skills:

At the end of Grade 3, students will
  • Use basic computer tools and commands (e.g., the mouse and the print command)
  • Use simple computer learning applications and CD-ROMs
  • Use simple word processing programs (e.g., Writing Center)
  • Use simple applications for self-expression (e.g., KidPix)
  • Save files to specific locations and retrieve them
  • Explore child-friendly sites on the Internet
At the end of Grade 5, students will
  • Master basic keyboarding skills
  • Write and revise using word processing
  • Use production tools to create school assignments (e.g., HyperStudio, PowerPoint)
  • Use more advanced simulation programs (e.g., Oregon Trail)
  • Use an electric encyclopedia
  • Use the electronic card catalog
  • Use telecommunications for class projects to communicate with each other, their teachers, and others in and outside PAUSD
  • Use child-oriented search engines to do research on the Internet (e.g., Yahooligans)
  • Demonstrate responsible use of school technology resources
At the end of Grade 8, students will
  • Edit and revise written work for all subject areas
  • Use electronic library reference tools and online databases
  • Use spreadsheets and databases to assist in the interpretation of raw data
  • Use email and telecomputing to gather and share information
  • Use multimedia tools to create products (e.g., PowerPoint or webpages)
  • Work with a variety of media, such as video, audio, and graphics
  • Use a variety of Internet resources and research tools
  • Demonstrate information literacy skills and knowledge of the ethical use of electronic resources
  • Operate basic peripherals such as scanners and digital cameras
  • Troubleshoot basic operational difficulties
  • Demonstrate responsible use of school technology resources
At the end of Grade 12, students will
  • Evaluate and use sophisticated electronic reference tools and online databases
  • Integrate into a project the use of spreadsheets and databases for a data analysis
  • Use e-mail and telecommunication for distant collaboration
  • Use multimedia tools to create products for a class presentation
  • Use advanced search techniques in Internet research
  • Use correct form to cite Internet and other electronic resources and seek permission for their use whennecessary
  • Use network storage spaces to save and distribute work
  • Work comfortably with two or more computer platforms
  • Demonstrate responsible use of school technology resources

From PAUSD Technology Plan 2001 - 2006

If you have questions, contact Educational Technology at (650) 329-3776 or

Revised January 2003