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Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) Board of Education has five members who are elected by the public to four-year terms. Elections are held in even-numbered years, and terms are staggered so that two or three seats are open each election.

You may email the Board members by clicking on their names below.  Please direct US Mail to each Board member at: Palo Alto Unified School District, 25 Churchill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306.  In order to protect your privacy, mail to Board members is collected and given to Board members without being opened by staff.

Board Members

Melissa Baten Caswell
President 2015
(650) 823-1166
Term expires 2016

Heidi Emberling
Vice President 2015
(650) 308-4702
Term expires 2016

Camille Townsend
Board Member
(650) 493-3410
Term expires 2016

Ken Dauber
Board Member
(650) 906-4340
Term expires 2018

Terry Godfrey
Board Member
(650) 387-3210
Term expires 2018

Other Resources
How to Participate More Fully in Board of Education Meetings

The PAUSD Board of Education values your input in their meetings.  The incredibly busy schedules parents have can make it difficult for them to keep track of what is being discussed and to know the ways to access the meetings and materials.  Below is a quick look at how to stay informed and to participate in these important conversations. 

  • If requested, reminders of upcoming meetings can be sent via email.  Requests for reminders or other questions should be directed to the Superintendent’s office at or 650.329.3737.
  • Board materials are available for review on the district web site at  or at the District Office, 25 Churchill Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94306. 
  • Regular Board of Education meetings are generally held the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.
  • Regular Board of Education meetings are cablecast live on cable services CHANNEL 28 and webcast live on   Most Study Sessions of the Board also are cablecast live, but may be on another channel (26 or 29).  They also may be webcast live on the link provided above. Videos of Board of Education meetings are also available on demand at
  • At the meeting, there are agendas and supporting documentation on the side table as well as public comment cards that can completed and given to staff in order to speak to the Board.  There are two categories of public comment.  Please go to  for more information on this topic.
  • An additional way to stay informed about the workings of the school district is to read the Weekly Updates from Superintendent and his staff to the Board of Education.  These are sent each week and then posted on our website for interested citizens to read.  Please go to to read these. 
Meetings & Materials
Includes current meeting dates and times, location, agendas, board packets, minutes, and archived materials

How to Address the Board of Education
Guidelines for expressing your views to the Board

Policies & Procedures
Complete documentation of all PAUSD policies and procedures
Upcoming Meetings:

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