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We are a student-oriented district where children come first and where students always remain at the heart of our commitment. Thanks to the efforts of our talented and dedicated staff, strong support from our Board of Education, involved parents and a community that values education, our students benefit from a rich and varied curriculum.

As we pursue our Strategic Plan to provide a first-class educational program for all our students, our ongoing commitment is to improve student achievement and to support all areas of student development.


Unity Day 2014: When We Stand Together, No One Stands Alone

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and PAUSD schools will participate in a variety of thought-provoking activities that help students appreciate diversity and unite in respect and support for everyone. Students focus on learning to respect differences and acting in kind, inclusive ways throughout their school year, but October will see additional activities especially during Unity Week (October 20-24) and Unity Day on October 23.  Unity Day is a national event started in 2006 by the Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center and has grown each year as schools across the nation have joined the effort. The campaign has been recognized by national education leaders and government organizations and is now celebrated across the country.

Activities will range from school-wide unity chains, art projects, ability awareness and connection games, special book displays in the library, and posters across campuses where students can give examples of “Upstander” behavior and other ways to prevent bullying. Many of the students and adults participating in the day will be wearing orange, the official color for Unity Day in PAUSD.

Minority Achievement and Talent Development Advisory Committee Accepting Applications

The Superintendent of the Palo Alto Unified School District is seeking applicants for appointment to the volunteer Minority Achievement and Talent Development Advisory Committee. Applicants must reside within the boundaries of the District.

The purpose of this Advisory Committee is to prepare a set of strategic, evidence-based recommendations that, when implemented, will enable the PAUSD community to assure underrepresented minority students and other students from disadvantaged circumstances have the necessary opportunities, conditions, and supports that will empower and enable them to succeed as well as both realize and maximize their full intellectual, creative, and social potential. The report will identify critical issues and, for each issue, develop strategic recommendations that will include specific metrics for evaluating the extent to which each strategy was successful, suggested timelines for implementations, an individual or role (current or future) to lead each strategy, and cost estimates for implementing each recommendation. The Advisory Committee will also be asked to articulate any potential policy issues the Board should consider developing and adopting.

PAUSD Identified as a Top-Performing District Serving California’s English Learners, Uncovers Promising Practices for Student Success

The Education Trust-West released a major report, “The Language of Reform: English Learners in California’s Shifting Education Landscape” that identified Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) as one of eleven districts with exemplary practices. California serves 1.4 million English learners—more than any other state in the country and accounting for almost one-third of English learners in the entire U.S. Too often, these students face insufficient academic supports, ill-prepared teachers, and less rigorous coursework, causing them to struggle academically.

Palo Alto High School Places 6th in National Math Contest

Palo Alto High School has some of the best high-school mathematicians in the country, as demonstrated by their 6th-place finish in the 2014 Fall Startup Event, a national mathematics contest administered by National Assessment & Testing (NA&T, Coach Suz Antink prepared students for the first major competition of the academic year, in which students worked furiously for thirty minutes, racing to answer one hundred problems in a variety of mathematical topics.

Tasting Week Celebrates Its Fourth Year in Bay Area Schools

Students from sixteen Bay Area schools will participate in “Tasting Week,” a weeklong series of events where students and top local Chefs meet to discover, enjoy, and share new tastes and food. Held this year from October 6 to October 10, Tasting Week has expanded from its original location of Palo Alto to include schools across San Francisco, Berkeley, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale.  The PAUSD Student Nutrition Department is participating in the celebration by putting together A to Z salad bars in many of the Palo Alto elementary schools during the week to complement the lessons taught with Tasting Week chef demonstrations.

Ask the Superintendent TV Show - October 8

All PAUSD families, staff, and community members are invited to watch A Conversation with PAUSD Superintendent Dr. Max McGee which will air on Wednesday, October 8 from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.  This live TV show will feature student hosts interviewing Dr. McGee with questions received before and during the show from interested callers.