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The future starts here.
We are a student-oriented district where children come first and where students always remain at the heart of our commitment. Thanks to the efforts of our talented and dedicated staff, strong support from our Board of Education, involved parents and a community that values education, our students benefit from a rich and varied curriculum.

As we pursue our Strategic Plan to provide a first-class educational program for all our students, our ongoing commitment is to improve student achievement and to support all areas of student development.


PAUSD Minority Achievement and Talent Development Advisory Committee Kicks Off in December

As with many districts across the nation, PAUSD has acknowledged an achievement gap exists for students of color and for socio-economically disadvantaged youth. Evidence for the achievement gap is based primarily on standardized test results from the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) and from successful completion of A-G courses.  The District is embarking on a new effort to address the issue by creating a Minority’s Achievement and Talent Development Advisory Committee that Superintendent Glenn “Max” McGee will lead this school year.

PAUSD Participates in 14th Annual Inclusive Schools Week

PAUSD is pleased to announce our participation in the national celebration of the 14th Annual Inclusive Schools Week on December 1-5, 2014.  Over the last five years, we have increased our efforts to create school communities that invite all learners to engage in environments that are inviting and welcoming while delivering appropriate curriculum to maximize each student’s learning potential.  PAUSD staff, parents, and students work each day to create more inclusive communities and will be joining thousands of individuals, schools, and local, state, national organizations, and advocacy groups in highlighting this work during this national celebration.  Banners announcing Inclusive Schools Week will be at each school site during the week.

City and School District Agree on Main Terms of Updated Cubberley Lease

The City of Palo Alto staff and the Palo Alto Unified School District staff have come to an agreement on the main principles of an updated lease for the Cubberley site.  The lease amendment is intended to be in place for five years and lays a foundation for a long-term collaboration between the City and the School District. The City Council will consider the lease agreement at its regular meeting on November 17.   The PAUSD Board discussed the item at its meeting today and will consider taking action on November 18.

City and PAUSD Issue Statement

The City of Palo Alto and the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) issued a joint statement to the community Yesterday afternoon following the news that a junior from Gunn High School lost his life to suicide Tuesday morning.  PAUSD Superintendent Max McGee and Palo Alto Mayor Nancy Shepherd expressed support and noted resources for students, parents and the community as a whole, and encouraged residents to reach out and connect with friends, neighbors and others.

Covered California Health Insurance Enrollment Event

PAUSD is partnering with Covered California to assist families in signing up for health insurance through the Covered California Exchange. Come work with a certified enrollment agent to complete the necessary online or paper application at our enrollment event.

Minority Achievement and Talent Development Advisory Committee Application Period Completed

The Superintendent of the Palo Alto Unified School District appreciates the interest by the community in applying for the Minority Achievement and Talent Development  Advisory Committee.  The application period is now complete. 

The purpose of this Advisory Committee is to prepare a set of strategic, evidence-based recommendations that, when implemented, will enable the PAUSD community to assure underrepresented minority students and other students from disadvantaged circumstances have the necessary opportunities, conditions, and supports that will empower and enable them to succeed as well as both realize and maximize their full intellectual, creative, and social potential. The report will identify critical issues and, for each issue, develop strategic recommendations that will include specific metrics for evaluating the extent to which each strategy was successful, suggested timelines for implementations, an individual or role (current or future) to lead each strategy, and cost estimates for implementing each recommendation. The Advisory Committee will also be asked to articulate any potential policy issues the Board should consider developing and adopting.